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1. Who are we and what do we do?

RateX is a payment solution that allows you to pay for your overseas shopping in your local currency - converted at the "Google" exchange rate you check on Google. Problem solved, money saved. Currently, we are available as a browser extension - download and try it for yourself!

2. How did RateX come about?

We love to shop online, and know that there are certain items that are only available on overseas shopping site like Amazon.com. RateX was developed to help you (and ourselves) save on hidden transaction fees and bad exchange rates set by banks.

3. How do you earn money if you don't charge fees & offer the "Google" exchange rate?

We bulk purchase credits from our partners and pass on the savings to you guys! By helping you (and ourselves, again) we are able to earn a small cut through this model - allowing you to pay only what you see on Google and nothing else.

4. Are you hiding some of the fees associated and passing on to us? Like how banks make money off ignorant consumers.

Absolutely not! Our browser extension is 100% transparent and savvy shoppers like you can check on XE.com, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance before agreeing to our converted amount. We pass on full savings to you guys, and only earn a portion from the bulk discount offered by merchants.

5. What currencies do you accept as payment?

Currently, we are only accepting in Singapore dollars. You can pay in your local currency but do take note that you will be charged foreign fees and suffer bad exchange rate from your banks. The true problem we are trying to solve. However, we will begin to accept more currencies in Q1 2017.

6. What sites are you operational on?

Amazon.com. More sites will be implemented in Q1 2017 and do drop us a note on the site you wish we would work on at hello@ratex.co

7. If I enter into a dispute with the e-commerce, where should I go?

Depends. If it is a product or item defect issue, you can go directly to the e-commerce site. RateX is powered by Stripe and Xfers to give you a peace of mind whenever you pay with us. As long as the negligence is on the seller, you are covered.

8. How do I get a refund?

As we use credits to provide you with the awesome savings, when you cancel an item that you already bought, the credits will be returned into your account on the e-commerce site. You can then use the credit to purchase any other items you wish.

9. What do you mean by 100% payback guarantee?

If you use RateX to pay and did not successfully check out due to any issue, your payment will be refunded in full. However, we will not be able to refund the full cash payment for a change of mind purchase. It will be returned to your e-commerce account as credits.