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It Simply Works.

Our extension only shows up when needed.

Pay The Lowest Rate

This works when you are shopping on international platforms (e.g. Amazon).
Pay Google rate with no fees! 

1. View our rate and pay.

Our extension will automatically appear when you check out on Place Your Order page. You will be paying with RateX and won't be charged twice.

2. Enter payment details.

There are two ways to pay: (1) Debit/Credit Card (2) Bank Transfer. We don't keep your payment details for both.

3. Place your order.

Once your payment is completed, click "Place Your Order" to complete your purchase.

4. Done.

That's it. We'll send you an email to confirm your purchase!

Coupon Codes

This works on both international and local platforms!
We automatically find and apply all discount codes for you before you pay.

Apply A Code

You can select any code on the list that you wish to apply.